How To Motivate Softball Players

Most players will think of glory and trophies as their motivation to win matches. However, this motivator – sometimes called an external motivator – although good, weak and does not encourage players well enough to become a better player. This kind of motivation decreases when your player fails to claim the reward, even after they’ve won. Now, you can even benefit from best bbcor bats for different experience of playing the softball.

What you have to do, then, is pair this with the motivation that comes from within your player. You will get a lot this kind of spirit from the players who love the game with true dedication. Let them distribute their confidence with their teammates, and will eventually spread to them.

Get to know your players better

Motivation is not a one-way street. Motivation is a form of communication, and as such, you must learn to listen to as much as you know how to talk to your players. Why are you doing this? That’s because only when you start listening to your players, you will know how to motivate them well. It’s time for you to know which buttons to push to activate it.

For example, you have players who are very unmotivated. This player often skips practice and doesn’t seem to enjoy playing time you give him. And he doesn’t complain when you don’t let him play, too.

To overcome this motivational problem, you must talk to the player why he is acting like that. You might be surprised to learn that he doesn’t like to play softball in the first place! Believe me, that happened. And the sooner you know this, the better. This way, you can avoid conflict to be made within your team. And more than that, you can immediately find a replacement for that player, if possible.

Shouting Doesn’t Motivate Players

Back on that day, many coaches were like coach sergeants. They always yell at you and insult you every time you make a mistake. But everything has changed. Shouting doesn’t work anymore. It can work for the first few weeks of training, but its effectiveness will eventually disappear.

All you have to do is talk to them as normal people. Again, motivation is good communication, and you don’t cultivate it by insulting and shouting at your players.

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